Friday, December 14, 2012

Santas little helper

Every year we donate a toy or two to any one of the various places that help families in need. I figure out what the budget is that year and I usually let Zack pick out what to give. This year he reminded me weeks ago that we need to go shopping so we could help Santa. Any parent who does the whole believing in Santa thing with their child knows how hard it can be to come up with an explanation of donating gifts for needy children. After all Santa and the elves make the toys and Santa delivers so why do we need to give toys for kids when Santa will deliver some on Christmas morning? Several years ago when he really started questioning why we do this, I did not want to ruin the belief in Santa so I came up with something that would work for my child. Santa and the elves work really hard to make all these toys but sometimes they do not have enough time to finish making them and some kids are left without any gifts, by us giving we are being Santa's helpers and making sure that Santa has enough toys for every boy and girl who is on the nice list.
He seems to get this and he wants to make sure all kids have toys for Christmas.

This year the toys were purchased and yesterday we finally made it to the store that was a collection site. So in walks this six year old boy arms struggling to hold not one but four toys to donate this year. He knows exactly where the donations are stored and he heads in that direction. He passes a few employees, they smile. He passes another employee who is obviously having a not so stellar day and she totally ignores him, he doesn't let it stop him. After all he is on a mission. We arrive at our destination and he is putting the toys in the fenced off area and another employee comes over and starts talking to him. He lets her know he is giving four toys this year so Santa can make sure more kids have toys.She stands there chatting with him for a few minutes. Before we walked away she told me how nice it was to see so many donations and to see children wanting to help other children. I couldn't agree with her more.

I can only hope my child remembers the pride he felt by giving to others and continues to give year after year.

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