Friday, January 18, 2013

Letter to Mother Nature

January 18, 2013

Dear Mother Nature;

You do not have children, Do you? I think not because you really dropped the ball!

How can you allow your little minions (also known as weather men/women) to continuously appear on television taunting these little creatures (also known as children) with grand illusions of inches upon inches of fluffy white stuff. Fluffy cold white stuff that is perfect for throwing at other people and not getting grounded for doing so. Fluffy cold white stuff that is slick enough for these little creatures to slide down mountain sides on a piece of plastic and have their out of shape parents drag their not so tiny little arses back up said mountain side. Fluffy cold white stuff that can be shaped into almost anything, no need to stick with building a frosty that wont talk to you like he does in the cartoon.

Your little minions made my little creature believe that when he was forced to go to bed at the normal bedtime that he would wake up to all the fluffy cold white stuff that he could ever possibly want to play in. Little creature was lead to believe that when he woke up everything in sight would be covered and he would be able to stay outside playing in this fluffy cold white stuff for hours upon hours and not coming in until the nasal drip that appears when one little creature gets so cold has permanently frozen to his face and must be chiseled off!

Seriously Mother Nature how could you allow the heavens to open up and drop nearly 3 inches of snow in our yard in just a few hours with more still coming when I went to bed, only to turn around and melt most of it and turn the rest into ice before the little creature had awoken this morning?  Do you not have a heart? Do you understand the situation this puts me in? Are you trying to punish me for something I may or may not have done? Work with me here lady... I beg you to work with me on this one!

the little creatures mother

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