Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That was quick.

On August 9, the tooth fairy paid a visit to our house. Zack had a wiggling tooth and at dinner time he was showing me just how far it would bend. I asked him if I could touch it, after a tiny bit of anxiety, he caved in and let me touch it. What he did not realize was the second I touched the tooth, I pulled it out. I had taken it out and set it on the table before he realized it was even out. Although it is his second tooth that he has lost, it is the first one he has lost naturally. The first one was knocked out in a playground accident.

We wrote a note to the tooth fairy and she left one in return telling him that his tooth was going to look good in her collection and to continue brushing and flossing his teeth. She also left a gold coin and 4 quarters. He was excited when he woke up the next morning to see what she left.

This evening he came up to me and said "Mom put your fingernail where my tooth was". I did not have to, I could already see the new tooth is already coming in. Seems pretty quick to me but then again what do I know.

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