Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another one bites the dust.

Zack lost another tooth. This is the second one this month. It has been wiggly for days, and I guess he got tired of wiggling it because he asked me several times today if I would try to pull it out for him. I did try but couldn't get a good enough grasp and I did not want to hurt him so I told him he could just keep playing with it. At dinner he was getting irritated with it because it kept getting in his way. After dinner he asked again if I would just pull it out, I tried but quite frankly I could not get a good enough grasp to pull it very hard. He reached in and twisted and yanked and darn if that tooth didn't come out, shocking him that he did it himself.

He was a bit worried because there was a bit of blood on the tooth and he was afraid it was not good enough for the tooth fairy.

He is sitting at the table as I write this. He is writing a letter to the tooth fairy to let her know he pulled it out himself and that there is blood on it.

Here is the kicker. The adult tooth has already popped through. It was coming through right behind the wiggly tooth for several days now. It is not coming in straight like his baby teeth were. There is definitely braces in his future which makes me so sad because he had beautiful teeth.

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