Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dentures and the 5 year old.

Let me start this post by saying seriously this kid of mine has been watching to much television lately.
Commercials are his favorite part, he can recite more commercials than anyone, including my niece who as a child would watch television just for commercials. (Yes Melissa, I can remember turning the television on with you and flipping the channels just to find commercials). When he wants something he recites the commercials so I know all about the products and why we should have it.

This morning Zack being the ever independent that he is becoming made his own breakfast. After sitting at the table and eating, he put his plate in the sink and went to the bathroom to wash his face and hands. Just as he was getting to the bathroom door he yelled "Hey Mom guess what? I can feel a new tooth coming in at the end of my dentures!"

So apparently my independent 5 year old now has dentures. (No wonder he dislikes going to the dentist. lol) I am guessing he has seen one to many commercials involving denture cream!

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MEW said...

Hahahah! I guess the commercial thing runs in the family. They had awesome jingles back then though. Not so many nowadays.