Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mr. Meteorologist

This morning we were watching the news and the weather report to see what was happening with hurricane Irene and how much damage was already being reported. Well Zack started asking questions about a hurricane so I being the meteorologist that I am (cough, choke, who am I kidding) tried answering him to the best of my ability.

I did have to reassure him that we were not in the path of the storm that it was staying near the beaches, but that we would get some rain and it would be breezy out today because of the storm. Later on after leaving the house we were in the car with the windows rolled down. His hair was flying every which way and he chimes in from the backseat "we should call this a breezy storm, it is blowing all over."

A while later at soccer practice the gusts picked up a bit and had the kids trying really hard to keep the ball in control because it kept blowing away. One gust was pretty strong and it nearly knocked a few of the little ones off their feet, so Zack yells to me "Hey Mom this hurricane is getting windier, it almost blew me away." One of the other parents got a kick out of that and he called Zack a little version of the local meteorologist. I told him he watches the weather every morning before school so it would not surprise me one bit if he became one.

Later on it finally sunk in Zack's head what I said about the hurricane staying by the beaches. He asked if Ma was at her beach house and if the hurricane made any damage to her house. I assured him Ma had left the beach house and he could call her tomorrow and ask her if her beach house was alright. When he asked why he could not call her then, I let him know the storm had not actually gotten close to Ma's house yet so she would not know if there was any damage.

This kid of mine is like a sponge when it comes to scientific things. He did tell me today his favorite center in his classroom was the science center.

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