Monday, March 28, 2011

What is an Apple Cruder?

On the way home from picking Zack up at school today he said "Mom, I loved breakfast today." I had forgotten that I let him eat at school today instead of fixing him breakfast at home. So I asked him what he had to eat. He told me an Apple Crutter. I don't know what the heck an Apple Crutter is so I asked him what an Apple Crutter was. He said "No Mom an Apple Cruder". (Pronounced Crude-er) Okay at this point I am thinking to myself that I must be dumb because I have never heard of an Apple Cruder. So I asked again "What is an Apple Cruder?" He gets louder at this point like I am hard of hearing and says "Mom, I said an Apple Cruder!" So I asked him to please explain it to me, tell me what it looked like and what it tasted like.

"Mom it has apples and cinnamon and it is on a stick and you cook it. It is about this big " (he holds his hands about 3-4 inches apart). I am still at a loss as to what it could mean so I asked again if it was really called an Apple Cruder.

He was starting to get irritated with me as he repeated for the 100th time "It was an Apple Cru-Der."
Me: "Do you mean an apple fritter?"
Zack: "No, an Apple Cruder."
My brain is going a mile a minute trying to think of things made with apple.
Me: "Do you mean Apple Strudel?"
Zack: "Yes that is what I told you!"

At this point I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard which was not a good thing while trying to drive.
Since when do they put Apple Strudel on sticks and serve them for breakfast?

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