Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Movie night

Yesterday I promised Zack we would watch a movie together. He asked me to choose the movie, so I did. When I went to pop the popcorn he decided he did not want to watch that one and he picked out a different one. The little stinker does that all the time. Next time I will pick the one I do not want to watch.

On the way up stairs I went to turn off the light and lock the door and I spilled most of my popcorn, duh moment #1. Then I went to set my drink down so I could clean up my popcorn and I missed the darn table completely and tea went flying everywhere, duh moment #2!

My darling little boy who is standing on the stairs with his drink and his popcorn in hand looked at me and said "Hey Mom, this night is not starting out so good." (Thanks a lot kid.) Then he laughed at me. He giggled so much he spilled his own popcorn. (Ha that will teach him to laugh at me.)

We finally made it up the stairs and started the movie, with barely any popcorn in my bowl I was hoping the giggler would share his with me. Not a chance on that one. He told me I should not have dropped mine :(

On a side note:
Zack had his 5 year well visit with the doctor today. As I expected it was a battle. He did well enough to get things done and checked but when it was time for his shots he freaked out. I am so grateful he does not have to have anymore shots.
He still has a lot of fluid in the ears so he is still not hearing everything. We are to continue with his meds for that. He had his first experience with the whole pee in a cup and he was not so happy with that.
My just turned 5 year old is one half inch away from being 4 foot tall! Where the hell did this kid get his height? It certainly was not from me. I fear by the time he is in 3rd grade I will be looking up to him.

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