Thursday, March 17, 2011

Silly St. Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Zack asked me if the Leprechaun was going to sneak into our house again this year like he did last year. When I told him I did not know he asked if we could trap him so he did not do anything sneaky again to all our food.

So for the past two days Zack has worked hard on building a trap. He painted a box to look like a green castle. To my impatient child the waiting for the paint to dry was the hardest task. Last night before bed he was so excited to set the trap, he just knew he would get to see that little leprechaun in the morning. He made sure the gold coins were just right so they could be seen by that leprechaun and lure him in.

Morning came and my goodness there were shamrocks on the floor in his bedroom, they led out the door and to the stairs. Then down the stairs, through the dining room, into the kitchen then to the living room. They stopped right in front of the trap. He just knew the leprechaun was trapped in that castle. When we lifted up the castle there was no leprechaun and no gold coins either but the little sneak left Zack some chocolate coins and a few other little things. Boy was my child disappointed not to see the Leprechaun.

He did scream and giggle when he got the milk out and he realized the Leprechaun had turned it green! While he was eating he was telling me all about the trap he wants to build next year because 'after all we have to build one every year until we catch him'. I hope he continues to do silly things with his kids when he becomes a dad.

Zack decided he wanted to take lunch to school today so I packed a ham sandwich on spinach wraps (because they are green) and I cut it into a shamrock shape. Must stick with the theme of the day!

I love to see my little man giggle over such silliness.

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