Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mr. Strong man.

My child is just to darn strong! He is a powerhouse at the tender age of 5.

Tonight before soccer practice one kid decided he wanted to play goalie. They don't have goalies at this age but this kid wanted to. The coach and Zack were kicking the ball at him while they were waiting for others to show up. Zack lined up an kicked it. The next thing I know I heard a thud and the goalie went down on the ground crying. Oh man, I felt so bad for the kid because I knew it hurt. Zack had kicked that ball hard and nailed the kid right in the chest. A few minutes of crying and catching his breathe and the kid was ok. Zack apologized for hurting him, all was well with the world.

About half an hour later they were on the field, Zack kicked the ball and nailed this poor kid again! This time he got him on the thigh, the kid went down again in tears. Trust me my kid is not out to get this other kid, they actually get along pretty well on the field.

Later on during practice the coach put up his hand for a high five from Zack. When Zack slapped his hand the coach pulled his hand away shaking it as he was saying "Ouch". No he was not playing.

My son does not know his own strength. He does not get that when he swings, it hurts. I have been on the receiving end of his strength when we clown around. When I get to tickling him that kid just start swinging his arms and legs. He is brutal. I have gotten my share of bruises but he is not doing it intentionally. He is just so darn powerful for a kid.

I pity anyone who makes him mad when he becomes an adult.

On a side note, in the car yesterday he was a little chatter box. At one point he started a conversation with "Hey Mom when I grow up and you are old..." I will admit at that point I tuned him out.

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