Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is real and what is not real?

Zack and I were watching television tonight. A commercial came on that had balloons and a waterfall and I think it may have been for perfume I am not really sure.

He looks at me and says "Mom that is not real."
I asked him how he knew it wasn't real and he replied "Mom things on television are not real."

Now this would have been a great revelation had a toy commercial not come on just as he was saying that. Just as the words came from his mouth I heard "I want that." Anyone who knows me knows I could not leave that one alone. I said "But you just told me that things on television are not real so that can not be real so you can not have something that is not real." At that I got 'the look' and he told me that all toys on television are real and he wants that.

With that I am to conclude that anything that is not sold to the under 10 years of age group can not be real.

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