Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Literacy Night

Last night Zack begged me to take him to school because they were having something going on. I checked with his teacher and they were having a Literacy night which is the parents learning from the teachers ways to help their kids with reading.

Since Zack is only in Pre-K, I know they are not reading yet so I had no idea what they would be doing but we went anyway. They had some alphabet cards for the kids to take home, some sight words (certain words on papers that the kids could memorize and know whenever they saw them) and a write on wipe off sheet for the kids to practice their writing. Since Zack knows his letters and the sounds they make they showed me a different way to use the alphabet cards with him. When he looked at the sheet of sight words, I pointed to 4 of those words and asked him if he knew them. He proceeded to tell his teacher those words. I think she was a bit shocked because so many in his class are still having a hard time picking out their own names and here he is knowing some words by looking at them. I let her know that each night when we read, I will stop at some easy words and we sound out the words so he is picking up on them.

I have to say I was very disappointed in the fact that no one else but Zack and I showed up from his class! Here these teachers are coming in on their own time to help our children get ahead and no one could take the time to come and see what it was about. As Zacks teacher said "the one child who doesn't really need this is the one to show up, the ones who could benefit the most never show up." It is sad that not enough parents could attend.

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