Monday, July 12, 2010

Purchasing a new car seat.

I am sitting here quite irritated.

I did a lot of research and spent days on the computer reading reviews and looking at the statistics of car seats and which one would be best for my child. No easy task when you have a larger child.

I narrowed it down to six. Did even more research on those six, then narrowed it down to four. More searching, more mind numbing numbers and reviews, I narrowed it down to three, then two and finally chose one that I felt confident would be the best choice for him and me. As you can tell I don't take car seats to lightly, children are not built like adults are and therefore need more protection.

For all you 'older' folks shaking your head and saying well my kids were never in car seats... I say stop and think about it for a moment. There are many more cars on the road nowadays a lot of which are being driven by someone who just needs to get where they are going without caring about anything else. These cars are certainly not built they way they used to be. Most people did not speed like a lot of people do today. There weren't any cell phones back then to distract people, Even though a law was passed saying it is illegal to text while driving I still see people do it. Why should I as a parent not want to make sure my child is as protected as can be each and every time he gets in the car.

Now I sit and check on line for the best price I can find. I find several places offering it at a decent price which is a big savings over that big box store that I would have to waste tons of gas to get to. So I order it from a reputable company. I get the confirmation email that says they received my order and will process the order and it should ship out today and I should receive it in about 3 business days. Great, I really need this seat so I am excited they are so quick about it.

Two hours later I receive an email stating the stock of the item I ordered has been depleted and is on back order! They expect a shipment from the manufacture in 2-3 weeks then it will ship out to me! Oh but in the mean time they have already charged me for it.

Come on, how can they not know or state on their website that the items are not currently in stock. Is it really that difficult to have the quantity in stock listed in their system so people who order something are not having to wait 2-3 weeks before it is even shipped? This is the age of technology for crying out loud, things should be updated immediately.

I have since checked with another website and they do not have the one in stock that I want so now I ponder. Should I cancel my order and go to the not so local box store and spend an extra $75 plus gas or do I wait it out and put my son in a lovely pink high back booster that I have access to until this one comes in?

Why can't things go smoothly when I need them too?

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