Thursday, July 29, 2010

Growing up electronic

It is official my child is much to interested in anything electronic lately.
He spent the weekend playing Nintendo DS with his cousins. He was in a joyous state with all the different games my nephew had for his DS.

He is using my cell phone to makes calls now... The past few days he has been on a kick to call my mom, after he talks with her he feels the need to talk with everyone that is in her house. The other night he was sitting at the dining room table talking with my mom and I walked in to find him leaning back in the chair with his feet propped up on the table! I wasn't thinking or I would have taken a picture.

He spent the last two weeks learning how to use the portable DVD player. He has watched every movie he owns several times. I am pretty sure at this point he can tell me how to use it and what I may be doing wrong with it.

He has watched a lot of television the past few days since I have been sick and he has messed with the remote several times and quite frankly I am tired of trying to figure out what buttons he has pressed to mess it up the way he has. Oh and it is not helping that he knows every darn commercial on television. It can be funny but it can also be annoying when you have no idea what the heck he is talking about!

I fear he will be taking over the computer next. Last night while I was on the computer he came up and asked me to go to www dot Disney dot com slash Phineas and Ferb. I will admit to being a little stunned that not only did he get the www dot but he also included the slash part!

He is just getting to smart for me.
What I want to know is where is my baby and who is the boy that seems to be hanging out around here?


Kristin said...

A.J. is into the DS too. We found a used one at gamestop and it has kept him busy on car rides and at office apointments. When did they get so grown up?

joven said...

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