Friday, July 2, 2010

A big step.

Well it is official, Zack will be taking the next big step of his life in just a few short months. We received the letter saying Zack was accepted into a pre-k program. When I opened the letter I immediately told Zack that he is now a big boy and will be going to school in a few months. He responded with great excitement which quickly turned to concern. "Woo-Hoo... Mommy will you come to school with me?"

I am not sure how he is going to deal with it the first few days but I do hope he is going to love it and not be too concerned when I leave him with his new teachers. Thankfully with this program the teachers will come to the house before school starts and he will have a chance to get to know them. We will also attend the open house so he can see the inside of the school, the classroom, the bathrooms, and the other children.

I think over the next few months I will take him to the school a few times so he can at least see the outside of the school, play on the playground and just get used to the whole idea in general. Anything I can to help transition him I hope will ease some of his anxiety.

I am so glad he will be starting this new journey and I want to make it as easy as possible on him since he is a child who gets very anxious over certain situations.

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