Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feel better flowers

My brothers and sister in law picked mom up from the hospital when she was being released. So Zack and I headed down to her house a little later in the day. We were near her house and from the back seat I hear... "Hey Mom, you are going to stop at the store right?" I never mentioned going to the store so I had no clue what was coming next. I told him I had no plans to stop there and asked him what he needed me to stop there for. His reply " Mom, we need to stop at the store so I can get Grandma some feel good flowers."


Now on one hand I thought it was the sweetest thing he has ever said... but on the other hand I was thinking 'hey, he never buys me any flowers, what am I chopped liver?'

Yes he did buy Grandma flowers to make her feel better.

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