Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Priorities in packing

We made the mistake of telling Zack several weeks in advance of leaving for vacation. Not a bright idea because that is all we heard about multiple times a day. We listened to everything he wanted to do when he was on vacation.
"Mom I want to go surfing"
"Mom I want to put sand in the water"
"Mom I want to play in the water"
"Mom I want to wipe out"
"Mom I want to go in the water with Daddy"
And so on.

Several days before leaving I pulled his suitcase out of the closet and told him we needed to start packing so it would all be ready to go when the time arrived.
Like most kids his packing priority consisted of toys, toys and more toys with books thrown in too.
I walked out of the bedroom to get the clothes from the dryer, sat on the couch to fold them and peeked into his room to see all his trains, every book from his bookshelf and all the 'babies' from his bed stuffed into his suitcase. He was trying his hardest to get it closed. He could not zip that suitcase to save his life. I watched those wheels turning in his head.

He tried so hard to zip it closed but it just was not going to happen. Then he asked me to come and close his "soupcase" because he could not do it and I told him no because I was busy.

So he stopped and he thought about it.

I do not know where he came up with the idea but I was laughing when I saw it. He chose to sit his butt on top and try to zip it closed that way. It was so cute to see him use his mind to come up with ways to try to get that closed.

Oh and if you are wondering, he never did get it closed and I repacked so he didn't have to run around all week with a naked butt for all the world to see.

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Kristin said...

Are you coming to Florida!?! A girl can hope can't she.