Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandma's teachings

Thanks a bunch Mom!

You see my mother likes to 'teach' Zack such helpful things. When I say helpful what I really mean is just means more work for me. ;)

When she came out for a few days last week she was nice enough to teach Zack to wash his face... without a wash cloth. You know when you use your hands to cup water then toss it at your face to get the soap off. Yeah she taught him that and he has tried several times but quite frankly there is more water on his shirt, the counter and the floor than there is going on to his face.

Another great thing she taught him was to clean the toilets. Yes she handed him the toilet brush and told him to scrub. Now this in theory would be the most wonderful thing she could teach him since I despise cleaning them... BUT Mr. Helpful came running out of the bathroom today saying "Mommy I scrubbed the potty like Grandma told me." Oh great I think while walking in there not knowing what I will find. Yes he did indeed scrub the toilet only he did not use the toilet brush, he used the little scrub brush that came with his kitchen set!!
Umm yeah that isn't going back in the playroom!

Oh Mom I do have to tell you a great big Thanks. The other day we were driving home from the store and since my radio does not work anymore Zack says from the backseat "K sing the beans beans song" K told him she did not know it so he proceeded to sing it! "Beans Beans good for u , da more u eat da better you feel". Yeah I know he does not have the words right but he tried. At least he was not trying to sing the 99 bottles song you were trying to teach him. I think I would have gone nuts with that one.

I can only imagine what she is going to teach him next. LOL.

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Kristin said...

I just have to laugh. I am a little nervous to see what William will be teaching the little one's once school is back in session next week. They already know how to burp and do the armpit fart.