Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trading Up.

This morning while Zack was getting his shoes and coat on so we could head out to school, I checked out the front door to see if Kris was nice enough to warm up my truck for us. No such luck, he was already gone. Jokingly I said to Zack "Gee Daddy sure is rude, he did not even warm the truck up for us."
Much to my surprise my little man said " If daddy does not warm up our truck then we are going to trade him in for a new daddy."
I could not help but laugh! I called Kris but only got his voice mail. While I was leaving him a message telling him what his son said, Zack must have thought he needed to revise that because he yelled into the phone, "Daddy if you don't warm our truck up we are going to trade you in for a new daddy BUT if he doesn't warm our truck up then we will take you back."
Gosh I love that kid!

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