Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fluid in the ears.

We made it into the doctor to have Zacks ears checked. On the way over there, he started getting worried about going. By the time we made it into the waiting room, he was filled with "Mommy I don't really want to do this." I lost count of how many times I tried to reassure him that all they were going to do was have him listen to the beeps in the headphones and then look into his ears with the light.

When they finally called his name, I was very grateful that he had the sweetest nurse. She asked him to get on the scale, then took his temperature. Then lead him to the quiet room. He asked me to stand next to him so I did. She explained everything to him before she did anything. He could not have been a better patient.

When we were waiting in the exam room, he was a bit nervous again but I assured him everything was going to be fine. His pediatrician came in and said he failed the hearing exam with them. When he checked Zacks ears he said there is so much fluid in there that the ear drum can not vibrate. He said there is no wax in his ears so that is a good thing. The fluid that is in his ears is not causing an infection it is just the amount that is in there that is preventing him from hearing certain sounds.

Zack sat there like such a big boy and told the doctor how he can not hear somethings when he is too far away from them. He let the doctor know he needs to have the television up or he can not hear his favorite cartoons.

So he is on two medicines to clear up all the fluid and we go back in 3 weeks to have his hearing tested again.
I can not say how relieved I am that it is not something serious.

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