Thursday, December 23, 2010


Just a very quick post tonight to say I think I am doing something right with my son.

Today Zack was in his room 'counting' out his pennies from his piggy bank. I was trying to get some stuff done when all of sudden he appeared with his fire hat in his hands. I asked what he had in his hat. He said "Mommy I want to give some money to the boys and girls that don't have enough."

Oh be still my heart. I love this child of mine!

He is always asking to put money in the red buckets when we are out and about. This morning when we were out he asked for some money to put in the red bucket but when we arrived at the store that usually has a red bucket outside there was no-one there. He was disappointed to say the least.

This year we donated a few toys to some families in need and he was happy to be helping Santa make some boys and girls have a better Christmas.

I can only hope he continues to find love in his heart throughout his lifetime and help other people whenever he can.

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