Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast with Santa Claus

The school Zack attends was hosting a breakfast with Santa Claus this morning. I had previously purchased our tickets so when we arrived all I had to do was tell them his name to get the tickets, I hate having to deal with hungry kids waiting for their food so pre-ordering is the way to go for me.

I was pleasantly surprised with the meal, it was pastries, bagels, fruits, yogurt and drinks. We gathered our meal and sat down to eat. One of Zacks classmates came running over to say hello. Once we finished our meals we waited in line to sit with and speak to the jolly old one.

When it was our turn, Zack went right up there and was just chatting away with. I took a few pictures which I will post later on. Once Zack was done, Indigo had her turn. She was obviously talking so low as if whispering because the jolly old one practically had to put his ear to her face just to hear her. I took a few pictures of her, then Zack jumped back over so I could get a picture of both kids with Santa Claus.

When we were leaving I asked Zack what he asked Santa for. He told me he asked for a Pillow Pet, a toy story movie thing (some view master/book thing he saw in the bookstore) and a Wii system. Lord knows I hate to disappoint the kiddo but a Wii is a bit out the question this year.

When I asked Indigo what she asked Santa for, she was a bit less specific. Her response "Toys." I started to laugh, she just wants it all! LOL.

When we left there Kris and Zack dropped me off at home while they went to their 'construction class' at Lowes Hardware. This is the second one they have attended and Zack loves building whatever they are building that day. He was so proud of his project today he couldn't wait to show me when he walked in the door. I was told to close my eyes because he had a surprise to show me. When I was allowed to open my eyes again I was greeted with such a huge smile. It was so sweet!

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