Friday, October 15, 2010


When I picked Zack up from school today I noticed some stuff on his shirt. Of course I made the assumption that it was part of his lunch, after all he has never been known to be a neat eater. By the time we started to drive home I had finally been told what it was on his shirt. Apparently he had gotten sick after lunch when he was laying in his cot. He said he cleaned up the mess with his blanket that was now stuffed in his backpack. He also said he never told his teacher he was sick.

I called his teacher as soon as we got home and told her about it. As expected she knew nothing about it so I told her to check his cot and the area he was in at nap time. Although he wiped it up with his blanket I am sure there is probably still some evidence of what happened.

He has a cold but no signs of fever so I have no clue what made him sick. I questioned why he never told his teacher that he was sick and he responded with "I don't know." He also said "Mom if it happens again I will get up and run to the bathroom."

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