Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keeping secrets

While at my moms house the other day Zack had finished up a piece of cheese danish and asked for more. I told him no that he already had to much. While I was telling him no my mother 'secretly' slid him another small piece which made Zack giggle.
He ate it down real fast.
Later on that night after we arrived home, we ate dinner. As soon as he was done he asked if he could have the cookie Uncle Don 'secretly' handed him before we left my mothers house (which I intercepted as soon as I noticed it). I let Zack know that he already had to many snacks that day and he could have the cookie the next day.
Zack says to Kris "Daddy I had a cheese danish at Grandma's house and Mommy told me I couldn't have anymore but Grandma gave me a piece anyway and guess what Dad?... I didn't even tell anyone!"
At that point I broke into a hearty laughter.

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