Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boys will be boys

I picked up my darling little boy today from school. All the kids were outside playing, some kids were playing trucks, others were playing ball, some were sliding and climbing and then there was 'the preschool posse'. There is 5 or 6 of them that get rowdy when playing, yes they are all boys. At some point during the day at least one of them ends up sitting in time out because they got a bit too rough. Yes, my child is part of this group and from what I hear he has had his share of time outs.

Today I get up to the playground and his teacher calls him to come. He was covered head to toe in mulch. The typical crew were 'hiding' behind the playhouse throwing mulch at each other, they were caught. Four of them were put into time out for not listening the first time they were talked to.

It was at this point that his teacher says "He took down 3 of them today." I looked at her and not wanting to believe what I was hearing I asked her if she was kidding. The boys were rough housing as usual. I guess they decided it was go after Zack day and she said he took down 3 of them. She went on to say she does not promote fighting but she does not want these children to back down from someone who is bullying them either. I am torn. I don't want my child to fight but I don't want him to let someone bully him. I know my kid does not know how much he can hurt someone. I don't know at this age if he can really separate when he should and when he shouldn't fight. What is a parent to do?

Note: no children were hurt in this episode.

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Ginia said...

Leah I know this story oh so well. My son has just turned 19 and left for college two months ago. He was active and full of life. He has always been a big kid now being 6'4" and about 210 lbs. The boys would always get rough but when push came to shove he always knew he was bigger and stronger than the others. When he was in the 4th grade the principle told us he needs to be able to fight back. My son started football the next year and he took it out on the field. No one was a bully to him after that. He is still the kindest soul and would take up for anyone. This past year he played football,baseball,basketball and track and was named most Athletic at his school. I quess what i am saying to you about your son is if you teach him the right ways and time to defend himself he will do just fine. I always said to myself if I can get my little full spirited young man to adult he was going to make one heck of a a great person! Enjoy every moment of your little one. They grow up in a blink of an eye!