Monday, September 20, 2010

The little know it all.

It is getting a little bit better and easier getting Zack to school in the morning. This morning was a rushed morning but when we got to the school, one of his friends was getting there at the same time. Both of them grabbed hands and walked into the school together. It was just so cute.

Picking up Zack from school today, I notice all the kiddos are outside in the fenced in play yard. I don't spot Zack so that tells me he already spotted me and is inside getting his backpack and ready to head home. The assistant teacher walks him out and we meet in the middle. She proceeds to tell me that the teacher woke him up at nap time (he was not sleeping but she let him get up). She took him into her office to play a game. She was testing him on what he already knew.

The assistant starts laughing and says "Gee could you work with him a little, he knew everything she asked." I giggled because really we don't sit and teach him things we just take the time while we are doing other things to point out stuff.

It did feel good getting a pat on the back though.

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