Sunday, January 8, 2012

Basketball 2012

Well I was going to take a moment and write a post about my surgery but I guess that will have to wait a while longer because little mister had his first basketball game Saturday morning.

For some unknown reason I felt nervous for him. I don't understand why since I was not nervous when he started Soccer or T-ball. He was a bit nervous but nothing like he normally gets so I know he was looking forward to it. He had been working hard on dribbling and passing correctly and blocking. He told me he would do his best, what more could I want?

When we arrived we found his coach and brought him to the room where they all meet and have their talks then Kris and I went to the gym. I had no clue that this league makes it like they are NBA players. They have cheerleaders, they come running into the gym as an announcer says their name, they sing the national anthem. It was so far from what they do in the league we use for soccer and t-ball.

During the game he did his best, he had a great pass that lead to a teammate scoring. Then half time came and they went to the room for their halftime talk. They came back out and the game got started. Very shortly after he got tripped up with another child and down he went. He hit the floor pretty hard. He laid there and several coaches and refs ran over to him. I let Kris go out there to check on him, I knew if it was not bad he would be more emotional if I went out there.
When he got up off the floor, a coach and Kris took him to the back and put some ice on his head.

He did not come back to the game to play but he did come back and sit on the bench. He was doing fine. Several parents asked if he was going to be OK. After they had their talk and their snack we headed home. I did make him take some Ibuprofen to help prevent any headache. He assured me he would be fine. Apparently he was either kicked or had his ankle stepped on when he was going down because he complained about his ankle hurting so I iced that up and let him chill out on the couch for a while.

For the time he was in the game he tried his best. I do have to say I was very proud of him for that.

On an end note I will say my child is accident prone. On the first day of soccer he was elbowed in the face and came home with a black eye, on the last day of soccer he was hit in the face and had a slight black eye again. On his last day of t-ball he fell on some pebbles and cut his knees up pretty good. Now he gets hurt on his first game of basketball. I hope this is not a trend that he plans to continue because I am done with seeing my child hurt.

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