Friday, October 18, 2013


One day last week Zack and I had to make a quick run to the grocery store. We did the whole fast walking through the store so we could get out and get home before the rain came.

As we pulled into our driveway the sky opened up and started pouring down so instead of getting out and making a run for the house we decided to sit in the car and wait it out for a few minutes, after all we usually get some really good conversations in when we do this.

A couple minutes later the rain was slowing up to a drizzle when I noticed Kris had just pulled up in front of the house. I told Zack to sit still and we would see if he noticed us sitting in the van as he was walking by. Not much of surprise to me, he walked right past us, oblivious to the fact that we were staring at him watching his every move. We watched as he gathered up his stuff from the car, we watched as he got out and walked right by us, we watched as he unlocked the door to the house and walked in. I told Zack to give it a minute and he would realize we were not in there and probably start looking all over the house for us.

Sure enough a couple minutes later Kris opened the front door, walked out onto the porch and was looking all around with a confused look on his face. Zack and I were still sitting in the van not more than 10 feet from him and he still did not notice us even though he looked in the direction of the van. At that point Zack and I both started giggling. It was then that he heard us laughing and looked into the van and just shook his head. It was at this point that Zack and I both broke into a full on laughing fit.

I wonder if he will learn to be a bit more observant now?

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