Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where is my medal?

Let me just start this post by saying I deserve an medal of some kind.

Now as I tell you this you will understand why a medal is in order. You see I was able to restrain myself the other day. I somehow dug down deep and found the inner strength not to commit a crime, a serious crime. A crime that could have sent me to the big house for many many years.

I was minding my own business sitting on the stairs the other day just waiting patiently for the kids to show up so we could get started on our way to the bus stop (I walk several kids to the bus stop each morning so we meet at my house). While I was waiting my phone made that lovely little notification sound warning me that it was my turn on the game Words with Friends. So I picked it up to take my turn. My dear darling son decided to go upstairs at that very moment. As he was passing by, he made a comment to me that he should have never let escape his mouth.

"Mom, when I am at school do you do anything except play that game?"

Yes, that is what came out of his mouth. No, I could not respond immediately. I looked at him and after what seemed like an hour I responded with "Nope, I sit here all day playing games and it is magic that the dirty clothes walk themselves to the washer and wash themselves so you have clean clothes to wear everyday. Food magically appears in our house and then it jumps in the oven all by itself to cook so you can eat everyday. The dishes they all jump in the sink and play and play all day until they wash themselves so you don't have to eat off dirty plates. The floors that get covered with dead grass and dirt from your constant in and out get swept by that magic broom sitting in the closet that you never open. The bills, well they just pay themselves so that big black box upstairs can magically come on. Do I need to say more?"

"Um sorry Mom I didn't know."

Really? Seriously? 

I swear I love that kid more than anything and that just may be the only thing that kept me from beating the living tar out of him!!
So there you have it, I let the kid live after that comment and for that I deserve a medal of some kind.

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