Monday, April 1, 2013

The ketchup tragedy

This morning Zack ran into my room upset. He was eating breakfast an ran out of ketchup. Anyone who knows my child knows he can not eat without having ketchup. It is a world ending tragedy to run out of ketchup. I am quite surprised the earth did not just crumble at that very moment. It is amazing that he was able to function and still speak, I thought for sure he would shrivel up into a ball or start twitching from withdrawls!

He insisted we go to the grocery store and get more. I told him next time I go to the store we would get some and it was at that point that he started telling me that we needed milk and bread too. I figured we had a good learning experience here so I told him he needed to go get a piece of paper and make a grocery list. Then we would go to the store. SHH don't tell but I was just being lazy and did not want to do it.

A few minutes later he came into the room with a list.
c syrup (chocolate syrup)
L meat (lunch meat)
ice cream
w cream (whipped cream)
s syrup (strawberry syrup)
and lots of candy.

After I finished laughing we had a discussion about wants and needs and things we were really going to buy.

When we did get to the store, it was his job to make sure we got 'the essentials' off his list and anything else that I added to it.  Needless to say we forgot the lunch meat but did remember the ketchup. I put one bottle in the cart but he was insistent on buying two bottles. "Mom we have to buy two so we do not run out again". Yes he goes through more than a bottle a week and normally when it is on sale I stock up but somehow I missed paying attention to the stock.

Even though this turned into an learning experience I am still thinking of contacting the ketchup companies and asking if I could just buy a 55 gallon drum! Then maybe just maybe I would be able to go a month maybe two without buying any.

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