Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zack the chef

Zack is becoming the big kitchen helper. He is always wanting to make his own meals and making meals for anyone else. Granted his meals consist of cereal, sandwiches and chips, you get the picture. Well on Sunday morning (fathers day) he wanted to make pancakes for Kris. Normally pancakes are made from scratch in my house but if I am eating them I use a gluten free mix. I wanted some so the mix it was. Zack read the directions and started to pour everything in a bowl and tried to mix. It was obvious there was a problem. He reread the directions and still did not catch his mistake so I had to step in. Instead of 1 cup of mix he put in 1 bag. Lets just say he was on his way to making bricks instead of fluffy pancakes. Once I fixed the batter he took over again. The pancakes turned out well and we feasted. He was pretty proud of himself for making such a good meal.

I am beginning to think by the end of summer I will have this kiddo trained to make dinner and I will just sit back and watch.

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