Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smartie Pants

Yesterday I told Zack to get ready we were going out. In typical Zack fashion he questioned me a hundred times to find out where we were going. Each time I told him I would not answer him, just to get ready, buckle up and sit back. As we got closer to Kris' job Zack said "I know we are going to pick up dad and go to lunch." Me being the smart butt that I have been known to be responded with "Nope, I am dropping you off at Dads job so you can work for him. Then him and I are going to go to lunch without you." Zack took all of 2 seconds to come back with "Mom, I can not do Dad's job, I have no idea if X = 2,342."
All I can say is aww crap I have created a kid who can come back with the smart butt comments quicker than I can!

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