Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving follies

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

Can someone please explain why football has become such a huge part of the day? I don't think I ever read or learned in school that a football game broke out between the Pilgrims and the Indians. So how did football become so important on this day?

Seriously football was on my television for so long a box popped up saying something about 'due to the inactivity the satellite will be shut down. If you wish to continue press cancel.'
To me that is a sign the football games should be turned off for the day, to my husband that is an annoyance to have to pick up the remote to finish watching the game. Go figure.

Now I do remember learning about a feast taking place, so a feast is what we had.

I made a few things for yesterdays meal that I can not eat, it bothered me a little bit to see stuffing on the table but not on my plate. It bothered me a little to see mac and cheese on the table but not on my plate. I was bothered by the thought of not having a piece of pie after dinner so while making the pies I made one that had a gluten free crust. When it came time to have pie, I served up everyone and my husband said I will try some of the gluten free one. Darn it, he liked it! I was hoping he would not like it and I would get the whole pie to myself!! Then David wanted to try some of the crust so I broke a piece of mine and he liked it better than the regular crust.

I made some gluten free sausage balls the other day and stuck them in the freezer. Last night when we were getting a bit on the hungry side but not wanting to eat a real meal we took some of them out, heated them up and I will say they were good. So good in fact that later on when I came downstairs I noticed the now empty bag sitting on the counter! My husband strikes again, he ate the rest. Dang it I was hoping for them to be left alone so I could snack on them here and there. Urgh.

Other than that I am thankful for my family, my home, my life.

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